Assamese Village and Socio-economic Culture

 The are of Assam is 78,438 sq km and is the second largest state of Northeast. There are almost 26,000+ villages in Assam. Assam is an agricultural land. 

    The village life of Assam and it's Socio-economic Culture is itself a of the greatest study. The head of a village is called "Gao-Burha". In every village of Assam you can notice something common and those are A temple or a Namghar ( holy place for Assamese people), a fishery. A village is consist of  "Suba" (Suburi). Suburi is the smallest unit of a village. In ancient times people of same surname used to live in same "Suburi". For example if there is a village named Kharzara. It may have 3-4 Suburi. The name of the Suburies may be Talukdar Suburi, Kalita Suburi , Professor Suburi etc. In Talukdar Suburi people with surname Talukdar used to live together. Eg If Chinmoy Talukdar's family, Hirak Talukdar's family etc.

    The socio economic life of Assam is very rich. Villages are self independent. Every family living in village has their own agricultural land.In every village there is a government school. People of Assamese village have some small scale business.

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