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            Knowledge Assam is an educational and technology startup.  Knowledge Assam take care of their customers and readers very well. Knowledge Assam don't collect any private data from user that can harm someone's privacy. Keeping someone privacy and intrest is our primary concern. We only focus on customer's reading interest and their business. If someone wants to make website or app through Knowledge Assam, at time we only collect name , phone number and email. Knowledge Assam don't sell any customer data or their interest. We don't take money for website or reading blogs. However being a private organisation Knowledge Assam is trying its best to provide correct information to the people. Knowledge Assam is not responsible any misinformation. Please verify our data before you use in other project or your own work.  As knowledge Assam don't collect any sensitive information and money so are not responsible for that. Be aware of the scam. Knowledge Assam provide only free information and it's totally copyright free. You can use Knowledge Assam data for your own purposes. Only services provided by Knowledge Assam is not free. We charge some money for that.

        What type of Data we use to collect?

Sometimes we may collect these kinds of data

1) Name 
2) Phone number
3) Email Adress
4) Pin Code
5) Residential Address
6 ) Interest or hobbies

        Reason to collect data

We may collect these data to improve our service and customisation and survey purpose. Using these data Knowledge Assam can deliver better throughput to users. We may use third party library to collect the information. However your data will be secure and will be saved on the cloud storage.

         Cookies Data

We Knowledge Assam website is using cookies for better information. These cookies hold some user's information. There are different types of cooking like persistent cookies, session cookies, performance cookies etc. These cookies collecting your browsing data in our website to get quicker  response from our website. Also Knowledge is secured with SSL layer . So the user is safe and he can easily use the website without any problem.

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