Blogging Full Tutorial (Blogger, Wordpress, Adsence,SEO,Online Income)

 What is Blog and what is Blogging ?

     a blog is a place in where someone can write their opinion, give information about certain things . Basically in one line we can say that blog is a place of discussion available in the internet. blogs are published one world wide web so that any one get access to the information. And the activity of write a blog is called blogging and and person who write such kind of information is called blogger.

 A blog is an source of important information and discussion and as the blogs are available in the internet , millions of people read these information for day to day life. So a blog is one of the best online income source who can write blogs  

Blogging Full Tutorial
Blogging Full Tutorial 

 How can we earn money by blogging ?

    This is an era of technology .Now a days millions of people engaged to the internet throughout the day. According to report trillions of data generated ever year  in the internet. And the rate is growing exponentially day by day. 


People like to read ,listen and watch about the topics they are interested in and that is why they searched in the internet about their favourite topic. For example if someone like stock market he regularly searched about stock market like what is going on in NSE  or BSE, what are the points in sensex and nifty today, What is going in US stock market or in NASDAQ. So if a person who have knowledge about stock market can provide this kind of information by writing blogs. If some want love to travels he would like to read travel blogs and want to know what are amazing things available in that certain place. Many people have knowledge in different category and they can earn money by just writing blogs in the internet . So writing a blog may be a source of income for those people who like to write in social media. That is why we provide this course Blogging Full Tutorial (Blogger, Wordpress, Adsence,SEO,Online Income) at free of cost for the people .
        If you want to know how can we earn money by writing some blog  or if you want to know about blogging , different types of blogging techniques. Just go to the playlist named as Blogging Full Tutorial (Blogger, Wordpress, Adsence,SEO,Online Income) available on Fast Khobor youtube channel or you can just watch the video by clicking on youtube video or link below 👇

Basically a blogger can earn money from  AdSense , affiliate marketing, writing reviews etc. From this platform you can earn a lot of money if you know the proper writing techniques and knowledge . Adsense are the ads shown by Google,  moreover there are many product based ads companies which also give a lot of money for showing ads in your blog. But there are certain rules so that an adsense company shows their  ads in your blog. For example there should be a minimum traffic in your website or blog so that your website gets approved by the company to show ads ,Your content should be SEO friendly and readable ,Your content should not be copied from any other website or books. So  fast khobor is here to guide you how to write a blog from basic to advanced for free of cost . To watch the tutorial and go to the first khobor website and find the playlist about blogger tutorials.

In the tutorial you will get to know  about domain , subdomain and  how to connect domain to server, how to write posts in blogger and WordPress,  and different types of plugins in WordPress. Moreover  there are some  certain rules to index your blog or website in Google and other  search engines. To get more traffic in your blog you have to write SEO friendly articles because SEO friendly articles get high priority in search engines. So In the tutorial you will come to know about how to write a SEO friendly article, what is  keyword research, what is on page SEO, what is off page SEO , backlinks etc. After that you will get to know how to monetize your blog or website by Google. At the end of this  we will give you top 10 blog writing ideas and how to earn money  by writing a blog easily. 



What is a domain ?

 A domain is a string or text on the internet that represents some IP address. By clicking on the domain name or the URL you will get access to a certain location on the internet. 

What is a server ?

A server is a place for the information That is available on the internet and which is accessed by the world wide web.There are different kinds of servers, Your computer also may be available for someone. But nowadays if we talk about servers the first thing comes to our mind is Cloud Service storage.For examples Amazon Web service , Google Cloud , Microsoft Azure, digital ocean etc.

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This means the content right in the website or blog should be optimized so that it can be recognised by the search engine.The content should be unique and must belong to a certain domain liKE stock market, cryptocurrency,  politics, Technology, job, news videos. Memes etc. Fast Khobor Is also a blog or website where you find different types of news from different domains. There are basically two types of SEO one is on page SEO and second one is off page SEO.  in on page SEO we basically focus on the keyboard which is searched in Google at very high volume. An off page seo is to bring the traffic from other sources to  the blogger or website which you are working on. 


About Blogger and Wordpress platform

Blogger and Wordpress are the most used platforms on the internet for writing blogs, making websites and for Digital Marketing.  Blogger is developed by Google and Wordpress is developed by Wordpress authority. A blogger is a simple HTML JavaScript CSS template where you can write posts by simply drag and drop . Wordpress is a platform developed in HTML JavaScript CSS and PHP blogger  provides free hosting and SSL service to install WordPress. We need a server and we have to buy SSL services from the service provider for secure internet connection and no data leakage. Blogger is good for beginners but if you are a pro in blogging then you should go for wordpress because it provides more features to write a blog and SEO friendly content.

What is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is a business where an online retailer pays you a commission or some money for that sales or traffic generated by your blog or website for giving referrals to a customer for the products.  and if a person buys some products through your reference then the online retailer pays  some Commission for the sales.  

What is digital marketing ?

Nowadays digital marketing is one of the most profitable businesses on the world wide web because the users of the internet are growing day by day.  Digital marketing is a marketing business on the internet where we sell certain products through advertising,  content writing,  social media marketing, email marketing, influencer and using motion graphics etc. And our  blog Knowledge Assam is also developed by a digital marketing agency, which is also our parent  company and the company name is Luitomania. 

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