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 Blogger is the blog writting tool developed by Google. There are mainly two blog writting tool used worldwide. First is blogger and second is wordpress. Now the question is what is the importance of blogger and blog ? Well the answer is if you have some knowledge or expertise in some domain you can write your own review, news , article published in the internet. For that there is a tool developed by Google call blogger. For example if you are a good writer or a good photographer or you are a traveller than you create a blog on writting, photography or traveling etc. People search the topic related to your domain all over the globe and read your blog and you can earn some money from that. So in a short note you can say that it's a kind of website with some static pages. To create a blog you need some blogger template so that your blogs look beautiful and people attract to your website. Like you are reading a article of knowledge Assam. Knowledge Assam is a bloging website and you are able to see a beautiful UI when you are reading some article on knowledge Assam. So template is very important from the reader's point of view.


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What is blogger template?

        Before knowing the blogger template you should know about template. What is template? The easy answer is a template is a pre designed UI used to create website. A template is a frontend of a website. WordPress template is created using html ,css , javascript and PHP and blogger template is created using html or XML , css , javascript. Select a good template for blogger is very important. Because without the proper blogger template you can't rank your website and article. Without blogger template you can't apply for adsence. For example knowledge Assam is using lightspeed template. It's both SEO and Adsence friendly.

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