Language and Tribes in Assam

 Assamese, Bodo and Bengali is the official language of Assam. In  Lower Assam specially the BTAD also known as Bodoland Teritorial Area District , Bodo language is used widely. In the Brahmaputra valley the official language is Assamese where as the Barak valley people enjoy the Bengali language as a n official language.

In Ancient times there are many tribes lives together in Assam. Tough they have different language of their own but but they are using Assamese language as the common language to communicate each other.  For example Bodo , dimasa , kochari , chutiya , tiwa , mising , hajong , tai ahom , karbi ,rabha ,etc. When Ahom came to Assam to established their rules they used to tell Assamese language. The origin of Assamese language is Sanskrit. But Bodo is the oldest language of Assam.

Assamese language has it's great history. Srimant Sankardev is the first person who writes lots of book , create a new culture for the Assamese people.

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